FAQ's About Three Mile Lake

1. What is the current "state of health" of Three Mile Lake?

This question is the number one question asked of real estate agents selling properties on the Lake. The simple answer is fragile like many other lakes elsewhere in Muskoka and Ontario. In 2005 Mother Nature created the perfect storm for a Blue/Green Algae bloom - and it happened here and elsewhere in Muskoka. The community response was amazing. Actions to protect the lake and the surrounding watershed were implemented by agencies, residents and the Three Mile Lake Association. Since then, the lake has been safe for swimming and the wildlife habitat has not been jeopardized. Cottagers need only follow the "Do's and Don'ts" found elsewhere on this website to assist in keeping the lake in a safe, "clean" and enjoyable state.

2. How big is Three Mile Lake? How many cottages are on the Lake? Is there room for more?

Three Mile Lake has a surface area of 8.8 sq. km (3.4 sq. miles) and a shoreline perimeter of 31.2 km (19.5 miles). It is 9.1 km, east to west (5.7 miles) and 5.3 km, north to south (3.3 miles). In 2007, the MNR identified 616 waterfront properties on the Lake. The MNR also stated that approximately 25 lots have severance potential but several are unsuitable due to slope and accessibility.

3. How's the fishing?

Consensus is that it is good. In 2000, the MNR identified the major species found n the Lake to be Walleye, large mouth and small mouth Bass along with yellow Perch, brown Bullhead, white Sucker and even a few Lake Herring. The Lake was last stocked with Walleye in 1989 and in fact, has been the source of Walleye fingerlings used to stock other lakes since then.

4. Is the Lake good for recreational boating?

The size of the Lake has all ready been mentioned. Water quality is good. The many bays and inlets provide good, sheltered locations for water skiing/wake boarding but still lots of open water for enthusiastic tubing. Because the lake is smaller (than many other lakes in Muskoka) and sheltered, the need for larger boats is not apparent. Any boat over 20 feet may be considered overkill.

5. What commercial properties are on the lake?

Commercial properties include Northland Recreation, Forest Rock Cabins, Muskoka Shores cottage rentals, Inverness Campground, Sandelwood Trailer Park and Settler's Roost Campground. Marina gas is only available at Forest Rock. Inverness and Forest Rock have small convenience stores. The Windermere Village Store is easily accessed by road.

6. Why does the Lake level fluctuate so much?

In the 1950's the MNR offered to put a dam across the mouth of the Dee River to regulate the level of Three Mile Lake. At that time the constituents of the Lake were unable to come to an agreement as to what the ideal level was and no dam was built. Today, the Lake's level is at the mercy of Mother Nature. Spring rains and runoff contribute to the highest water levels, while dry, hot summers mean the lowest levels. Fall usually sees the Lake rising and eventually freezing at a fairly high level.

7. How can cottagers help maintain/improve the health of the Lake?

Please refer to the "Dos and Don'ts" page on our website. Encourage your neighbours to practice them and be sure to set the example.

8. How do I become a director of the Three Mile Lake Association?

The Association always needs good, enthusiastic people to serve on the Board of Directors. Presently we are looking for someone who would join the Board as the liaison with FOCA (Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Associations). Please contact any member of the current Board to express your interest and willingness to be part of our small, dynamic group.

9. Does the Association have any legal jurisdiction?

No, however our mandate is to continuously monitor activities that affect Three Mile Lake and, if necessary, lobby responsible groups to try and effect an outcome advantageous for the Lake and its constituents. We will also direct cottagers who have a concern to the proper authorities.

10. Why does the Association need more members?

Presently we have almost 200 active members. According to the MNR, there are 616 waterfront properties on the Lake. With a larger membership our "clout" goes up exponentially with any of the bodies were need to influence. It also allows the Association to represent our Lake in a meaningful manner. As our slogan says, it's "Our Lake - Our Future". Join us.
If you have any questions we have not answered above, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Board members. We will do our best to answer you in a timely fashion.

11. Why should I process my new or renewed membership online?

If you select to process online, you will ensure that we have accurate membership information that you can access and edit at any time in the future. Once we have activated your membership, your temporary password will be sent to your email address (provided) and you can then log on with your username and create your own password. You will now have website access to the list of names and 3ML addresses of other members whom have also approved access to their limited 3ML information. Finally, you will be able to renew your membership in the future without having to re-enter all your personal information.

12. How will my temporary password be sent to me? When will I have access to my profile? When will I be able to see the list of other members that have also approved the association to put their name and address on our website?

Once we have validated your payment, a temporary password will be sent to your email address from donotreply@3milelake.ca. In case you cannot find the email, please check your spam folder to see if your email service has automatically moved it from your inbox. You will now have secure access to your profile by entering your username and temporary password and clicking the login button on the membership page. Once you have access to you profile, you can change your password, edit other profile settings and also see the list of other members that have approved the association to publish their limited information.

13. I am an active member of the Three Mile Lake Association however do not have a computer and therefore cannot sign into my account. Can I still vote for any of the issues presented on the website?

Unfortunately not. Our new online process is designed to validate active memberships and requires that members sign in using their Username and Password before they are enabled to vote. That said, we will also present issues at the AGM (Annual General Meeting) held each July where active members can voice their opinions and vote on motions presented during those meetings.

14. I am an active member of the Three Mile Lake Association however I have either forgot my username and or password or do not know what they are because I never registered online....How do I find out what it was?

As long as you provided an email address with your initial registration or entered your email address on the application form that you submitted with your cheque, you can follow this process to get what you need.

Step 1. Go to the Membership page on our website.

Step 2. Click the Secure Three Mile Lake Members Area link

Step 3. Click the phrase "I forgot my username and/or password" The phrase is located under the Member Sign In box.

Step 4. You can enter either your email address or username, press submit and an email with your personal username and password will automatically be sent to your email from donotreply@3milelake.ca.......if you cannot find the email, check your spam file.....some email servers may treat our donotreply@3milelake.ca address as spam

Step 5. Go back into our site and log in through the Members Sign In box to gain access to your personal information and members only information

15. What is the Association's new mailing address?

Three Mile Lake Association
P.O. Box 161
Windermere, Onatario
P0B 1P0

16. What types of local or native plants and trees are found in the Three Mile Lake watershed?


Yellow Birch, Red Maple, Black Cherry, White Cedar, White Pine and Eastern Hemlock


Serviceberry, Red osier dogwood, Sweet gale, Willow species, Meadowsweet, Steeplebush, Winterberry, Buttonbush, Nannyberry, Northern wild raisin


Canada anemone, Swamp milkweed, Canada blue-joint grass, Canadian wild rye, Sedge species, Blue-flag iris

Pickerel weed, Broad-leaved arrowhead, Water smartweed

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