Lake Do’s & Don’ts

While there is never an easy answer or quick fix to protect our lake, there are a number of simple things that we can all do AND promote with our lake neighbours. Understanding how our actions affect the long term health of our lake helps current and future generations protect the lifestyle and value of our lake and environment.

Do`s include…

  1. Reforest Your Shoreline – Reintroducing native plants at the water`s edge helps the lake by filtering and oxygenating the water (both run-off and at the shoreline) reduces phosphates, minimizing erosion and provides an improved habitat for our aquatic friends. Buffer zones of plants also increase the natural beauty of our lake
  2. Pump Your Septic - Septics need to be pumped regularly – ideally every 3 years and need to be kept in good working order. A little proactive care in this area can go a long way.
  3. Go Phosphate Free – Use phosphate-free environmentally friendly soaps, detergents and cleansers.
  4. Use Warm Water to wash clothes – Bacteria, which is required to break down solids in your septic system, does not operate well in freezing temperatures
  5. Replace Bathroom Fixtures – Replace older toilets with 6 litre water saving units. Switch to water savings faucets and shower heads.

Don'ts include…

  1. Don`t wash in the lake
  2. Don`t use antibacterial soaps – we need bacteria to break down solids into liquids
  3. Don’t use chlorine or bleach – these products kill the bacteria we need
  4. Don`t use fertilizer – avoid fertilizers, weed and feed, magic soil etc. They directly increase the phosphorous levels of the lake through rain and run-off
  5. Don`t use sand along the shoreline – Sand contains high amounts of phosphorous and destroys the natural filters we need to keep the lake healthy
  6. Avoid paved or concrete driveways and sidewalks – they funnel water directly depositing unwanted material into our lake
  7. Dock Don`ts – Don’t use concrete piers or pressure treated wood for your docks. Each contains unwanted chemicals that leach into the water

Municipal and Natural Resource Bylaws

Please see our links page for specific information on all building and natural resource specific restrictions.

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